Quantizing is pretty standard procedure in every music DAW, but every program handles it a bit differently. Live has two ways of quantizing clips, and they’re related to each other, but understanding how to utilize them helps you use Live more effectively.

To change your quantize settings (eighth, sixteenth, etc):

1. Access the Quantize Settings in the Edit menu.

Pre-quantize settings

Quantize Settings

2. Set the “Quantize To” settings, and what you want to quantize (“Adjust Note” Start or End points), and hit OK. The notes will move to the grid you selected.

quantized notes

Quantized notes.

Once you’ve set your quantize settings once, you don’t have to go through all that again. Quantize the notes in the clip with the shortcut CMD + U.


CMD + U to quantize notes automatically.

The settings you set in the Quantize Settings menu will be used. (Live even retains your settings from set to set, so when you open a new one, it will be whatever you’ve been using all along.)

Notes: If you want to quantize everything in the clip, make sure nothing is selected (just click in an empty area).

If you only want to quantize certain notes, highlight the ones you want to apply quantization to, and it will only affect those notes. This can be useful if you only want to lock the kick and snare into the grid, and leave the hi-hats with a more live feel.

partial quantized notes

You can quantize selected notes only. The encircled notes above have been left alone.

Amount: The Amount setting is for how much quantize you want to be applied to the notes. For example, if you play in a line or a drum beat, and you want to keep some of the inaccuracies intact, just set the amount to 80%, and quantize will only move the notes most of the way to the grid.

quantize amount

The Amount setting is very useful to avoid the “robot” feel.

Quantizing Audio: It is possible to quantize audio much in the same way you quantize MIDI. The only difference is that you have to select the transients you want to quantize (CMD + A to select all the transients of the clip).

quantize audio

Quantize audio.