The problem with quantizing MIDI is that it often makes your rhythms sound robotic and machine-like.

quantized beat

Quantized MIDI. Domo Arigato…


For certain styles of music this is fine, but not always. In these cases, you can turn to the Groove Pool to help inject some funkiness into your beats. I’m not going to get into everything that makes the Groove Pool amazing now, but I want to point out a few cool features…

Get Your Groove On…

1. Select the clip you want to add groove to.

2. In the Clip View, click the Hot-Swap Groove button.

groove hot swap

Hot swap Groove button.


3. Select the Groove you want to try out in the Browser.

groove browser

Find the groove you want in the Browser.


If you have several clips with different grooves already in the Live set, you can use the pull-down menu to select from one of those grooves.

groove list menu

Groove drop down menu.


The Groove Pool window shows you the various grooves associated with the Live set, and lets you make changes to them. These features will be covered in another tutorial.

groove pool

The Groove Pool. These features will be covered later.


When a groove is applied to a clip, it doesn’t display the change to the timing of the notes in the Clip View. The Commit button locks in the groove, and moves the notes around to display the adjusted timing. You can see in the image below that the notes are now off the grid, reflecting the groove as it’s heard.

groove commit

A groove that’s been committed. Notice how the notes are no longer locked to the grid.