Templates are sets that already have data in them when loaded. This data can be anything from plug-ins (effects and instruments) to keyboard mappings. When loaded, they create an Untitled set that must be newly saved, so they’re impossible to overwrite. Understanding how to save a Live set as a template can be a little confusing from the manual alone, so here’s a little help…

1. Create the set as you want to save it. This means add in any effects you want to use, or any key commands you want to have set up.

template set

Live template set.

2. Open up the Browser and click on the User Library Category. Then Right-Click on the Templates folder and select “Show in Finder”. Remember where that location is on your hard drive. (On Mac computers it will live here: User Name/Music/Ableton/User Library/Templates)

template location

The Templates folder in the Browser.

3. Save your Live set as… and give it a good name that notes what kind of template it is. (For example: “House Starter Set” or “Vocal Recordings”.)

4. Be sure to save your Live set into the Templates folder you just located.

template save folder

Save your Live set into your Templates folder.


5. When you want to open a new Live set from a template, just go to the Browser and find the User Library/Templates folder, and open the template you want to use.

Default Set

You can create a set that always opens when you make a new set in Live. This is called the Default Set.

1. Create your default set as you want it (I have Key Commands set up in mine).

2. Open Preferences (CMD + ,) and go to “File/Folder”.

3. Go to “Save Current Set as Default” and click the “SAVE” button.

default set prefs

Save Current Set as Default.


Now, whenever you open Live or create a new set, this will be starting point.