So you’ve got your fancy Maschine hardware, and you made a beat, but you want to do some MIDI editing in Live. No problem! Here’s how you setup the Maschine 2 software and Live to work together in a MIDI-enriched world. (Note: this is different from dragging and dropping audio loops from Mashine 2 into Live.)

1. Setup the MIDI export in Maschine 2:
1-1. Right-click the name of the Group
1-2. Select “Group MIDI Batch Setup,” and then “Sounds to MIDI Notes.”

group MIDI batch setup

Group MIDI Batch Setup.


2. Set the MIDI channels for the Group in Maschine 2:
2-1. Click the Control button
2-2. Click “Group”
2-3. Click “Input”
2-4a. Click the “Active” switch so that it activates the MIDI input for the Group.
2-4b. Set the MIDI Channel for the Group.

group MIDI channel setup

Group MIDI Channel Setup.


3. Drag and drop the MIDI from Maschine 2 into a Live clip.

MIDI export

Drag and drop the MIDI Pattern from Maschine into an empty Live clip slot.


You will get a new Live clip that has all the Maschine 2 Pattern data in it.

live MIDI clip

A new MIDI clip.


4. Clear the Maschine 2 Pattern out of the Scene by Right-clicking it in Maschine 2’s Scene window.

remove pattern

Right-click the Pattern to remove it.


5. Setup the Live tracks so the MIDI track plays the Maschine 2 instrument: On the MIDI track you dragged the Pattern to, set the “MIDI To” to your Maschine 2 track, and the MIDI channel to “1-Maschine 2.” On the Maschine 2 track, turn the Monitor switch to “In.”

live MIDI track setup

Set the track with the MIDI clip on it to the track with the Mashine 2 instrument on it.


No beats? No problem!

If you don’t have any beats programmed into Maschine 2 itself, but only want to play the Maschine 2 sounds with the sequencer in Live, follow steps two and five above. You’ll be able to program beats directly into a Live clip that will play your Maschine 2 instrument.

Additional Groups

If you have more than one Group in Maschine 2 that you want to export, repeat steps one through five for the different groups, but with the following additions:

1. Every Group in Maschine 2 should have the next consecutive MIDI Channel (number four in the screenshot below). Group 1 will be MIDI channel 1, Group 2 will be MIDI channel 2, etc…

group MIDI channel setup

Each Group will have a different MIDI Channel number.


2. Every new MIDI track’s “MIDI To” will be set to the same Live track (Maschine 2), but with the corresponding Maschine 2 Group MIDI channel (on the “MIDI To” part of each track, the top name is for the track the Maschine 2 software is on, the bottom name is the MIDI channel number):

multiple channels

More Groups means more Live tracks, and more MIDI channels.