Not a lot of people seem to know about this cool little trick for creating velocity ramps in Live.

What’s a velocity ramp?”

I’m glad you asked. A velocity ramp is when you start at one velocity level, and gradually increase the velocity level with each successive note.

It’s quite easy to do in Live.

1. Select the notes you want to adjust the veloticies for (or deselect all notes to adjust all velocities).

2. Hold the COMMAND key and click near one end of the velocities (either the left or right side/beginning or end).

3. Drag across all the velocities, and move your mouse lower or higher, depending on what you want to happen with the velocity levels.

4. Release and you’re finished!

velocity ramp 1

These notes just have one velocity level across the entire bar.


velocity ramp 2 - marked

These notes ramp the velocity up steadily from the beginning of the bar to the end.

Further Tricks:

You can also SHIFT+Click to select only certain notes and apply this technique to them.

velocity ramp 3

Certain notes have been selected and had a velocity ramp applied to them.